Report - March 2004

Again a busy month as we battle to meet the conditions of our grant. The Bull Shed has to be finished by the end of the month and in a state where it can be occupied. This as a single unit would not be too daunting, but all six units will need the services laying to them before the access to the Bull Shed can be made good. We are also trying to get as much work as possible completed within the courtyard area so that the Bull Shed can be used with little disturbance to any occupants.

Floor tiling is complete and decorating largely complete in the west side, the Bull Shed also has had most of the kitchen fitted and the furniture is due to arrive in two weeks!! The Chaff House and Copper House are now tiled in and the windows, doors and some glazing has been completed. The Chaff House has also had the wiring installed ready for the plastering to commence.

Rolling your mouse over this picture of the Bull Shed and Reception building will reveal the current view of the Chaff House and Copper House. Work on the Main Range is also progressing more of this on page two of this months report.

The weather has been mainly good to us during March, but on writing this (3rd April) we have suffered a couple of days of some hefty April downpours which we could well do without. As you can imagine rain and digging do not go very well together.

We get quite a few wagtails at various times of the year and this chap just happened to perch nicely when I had the camera to hand.

If you click on the picture it will take you to page two of this months report with further pictures.

Call back soon for further updates.