Report - September 2003

Well the roof tilers arrived and the Bull Shed and Reception are now covered again. The new clay pantiles are here, they're the packs on the left hand side, but we may have to wait a little before we see them go on. Anyone who has tried to get building work done in Lincolnshire will know how under supplied and over burdened the industry is at the moment.

The old roof timbers from Phase II have been stripped and, although not very visible, ground works have now commenced.

I've stuck with the theme from last month with my close ups. The picture on the right shows the Bull Shed's progress and if you place your mouse over this it should show you the current state of the Chaff House and Copper House. The roof covering on the Bull Shed is a relatively new breathable membrane. This is much stronger than traditional slaters felt and allows the roof to breathe, eliminating the need for tile and soffitt ventilation.

October will see a continuation of the digging and groundwork's. There has also been a start on part of Phase III as it was decided to try to get the digging out of the way while the ground is so good.

I mentioned our farmer neighbours last month, and now they are absolutely screaming for some moisture. However there loss is our gain as the works go on largely uninterrupted. I wonder how much longer this weather can hold out!! The only down side is the darkening evenings, a sign of things to come. Hopefully electricity and some clever lighting will minimize the effect.

At the end of the day there are two types of pet owner, those who can't bear the loss and will never have a pet again, and those who can't bear the gap and must fill it as soon as possible. Meet Molly, the latest addition to the Westfield animal clan. Not a replacement, you can't replace a personality, but an eager recipient of the third bowl of food in the evening.

Call back soon for further updates.