Report - July 2003

imageWell, exciting times as we can see the roof timbers starting to go back on the Bull Shed. My apologies for being late with the update but the fine weather and light evenings have kept us busy with the physical and not so much the administration. This is quite a satisfying stage for us as the appearance changes almost on a daily basis.

There is still some repointing to do before the the walls can be trusted to take the full load of the new roof, but hopefully it will not be too long before the first phase of our project is watertight and ready for plumbers, electricians and damp proof injectors to get it ready for the plasterers.

As you can see from the close up of the Bull Shed and reception all the new building work has been completed and the principal trusses have been erected to support the ridge. The timbers used in the roof are far more substantial than those that managed to support it for the last 150 years or more, so how long will these last?

Once the roof timbers and pointing have been completed work will commence on Phase II, which is to be known as the Chaff House and Copper House. These names relate to the uses of the buildings in years gone by.

Anyone in the U.K. during July will know about the weather, we have had some spectacular thunderstorms and some searing heat. But many pleasant summer days which have enabled work to progress.

My bit of nature for this month is this fellow. Unfortunately he wouldn't pose quite how I wanted him to but I hope you can make him out. I just hope he sticks to the nut feeder and doesn't start pecking at the roof timbers!!

Call back soon for further updates.