Report - January 2004

image Well it is winter and we should expect the weather to be a little bit of a problem. External progress has been slow this month and we have had one or two problems! (See Below). However the internal work has been progressing and we did find enough fine days to get some roof timbers on.

The Bull Shed is now plastered out and the doors and windows have glass in them, the next job will be to get the plumber in to lay his pipes before the floors can be put down. The frames have also had there first coats of paint. The Chaff House and Copper House have got most of the main roof timbers installed.image

Again, roll your mouse over the picture to reveal the current view of the Chaff House. There is still a lot of work to do on the roof as this wing has a lean to coming into the back of it. This cannot be done until the brickwork has been completed, which requires some dry and not too frosty weather.

As mentioned above the weather has been bad to us this month. Bricks can't be laid when the mortar is freezing, when it is raining or when it is snowing. As you can imagine that has meant very few suitable days. Lets hope February is better in spite of my mothers timely reminder of 'February Fill Dyke'.

My bit of nature this month should be titled 'The Call of Nature'. This fellow is a sewerage treatment unit and will deal with the 'calls of nature' from all our guests. The weather dealt us a severe blow during the installation of this also. For a full report click on the picture.


Call back soon for further updates.