Report - December 2003

image First of all may I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. The Christmas festivities have held work up slightly, but nothing too drastic. After some nasty threats from my associates I did actually have Christmas Day & Boxing Day off! But now it's pretty much back to normal. At least I didn't get any post holiday blues!

The Bull Shed didn't quite get to the sealed up stage, but some more plastering has been carried out and the double glazed units are currently being manufactured. Also, as you can see, the window frames have now been fitted. The Chaff House and Copper House are very close to being ready for the main roof timbers and, with luck, we should again see a change to the skyline quite soon.image

The picture to the right again reveals the current view of the Chaff House if you move your mouse over it. There has been a lot more brickwork renovation involved than originally thought. However with the additional labour on the project it has not set us back too much.

The weather is obviously a problem at this time of year. We lost a day due to snow but as a rule work continues outside on good days and inside the Bull Shed and reception on bad days. It is hoped that work will commence on the main range before the end of the month and there is still electricity, water and drainage to install. Very busy times ahead.

In the sincere hope that we all enjoy a more peaceful 2004, I've included a picture of this fellow, although he won't be enjoying a peaceful time on that roof for much longer!


Call back soon for further updates.