Report - August 2003

imageYes, I know I'm late again, but please read on. The roof on the Bull Shed is now ready for the roof tilers, unfortunately the roof tilers aren't quite ready for the roof! The re-pointing on Phase I is now complete and the old roof tiles are now being stripped from Phase II. Phase II will comprise of a pair of one bedroomed cottages which will be known as "The Copper House" and "The Chaff House", again relating to their former use.

So it's now a bit of 'deja vu' with all the jobs from the first phase needing to be repeated. At least, hopefully, the two phases will now both progress at the same time.image

I have chosen the close up of the Bull Shed, showing all timbers installed. If you hold your mouse over the picture you should be able to see the Chaff House and Copper House roofs after the tiles are stripped. This emphasises my point from last month with regard to the timber sizes!

September will be another month of digging, hardcoring and concreting. Lots of work, not much to see. However vital work if these buildings are still to be a feature in another 100 years.

I know some of our farmer neighbours would like a bit of rain, but the long hot days of August have mean't very little in the way of stoppages for our project. In fact the main problem has been the heat! Great for lazing in, but very tiring for working in. I shouldn't complain, but it must be the English in me, the weather is never quite right.

August was overshadowed by the illness of our 10 year old black labrador, Lucy, who passed away on the 1st September. Little suffering for her, but much for me, a constant companion now gone. I know you pet owners will understand. She's had a great life, especially the last three years in these wonderful surroundings with her friends Charlie the terrier and Brutus the we're not quite sure. She just had to be my bit of nature for this month.


Call back soon for further updates.